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studiu stupido

René Haustein und Stephanie Sczepanek
Performance, 27. März 2022, 24 Stunden, Atelier, Buchenhofener Str., Wuppertal

Ein leerer Raum. Schach spielen. Du gehst rein, ich warte draußen. Du kommst raus, ich gehe rein. Ich spiele meinen Zug, ich ant- worte dir und gehe wieder raus. Du gehst wieder rein. Sparring 24 Stunden. Zug um Zug, Minute um Minute, Stunde um Stunde.


You don’t need a studio - we discussed and explored the possibilities and responsibilities of the atelier- the atelier is not a safe space its a playspace and by playing most often the craved safety reveals itself to be 95% ideologically driven nonsense- artists must play dirty therefor the atelier is not a laboratory its equipent must be desterilised. Studio Stupido- in tasks created for each other we explore and challange the limits of mostly poorly written artist personas of our times by overacting them out in the (digital) public- posting embarassing statements and awkwardness into the cleanly world of curated and self censored Instagram pages as well as going to the pub and rearranging the guests to be more painterly looking - everything is art you have to follow its rules this is playing this is our studio.

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